Thank you just doesn’t seem enough….


It was October 2012 when I discovered Postpartum Progress – I’d been out of hospital for a year and although in recovery I felt very alone.

Alone, in what had happened to me, that no one really understood the depths of the despair and the very real heart ache that having been so unwell had left me with. It was like my constant companion along with the grief and guilt…

Then I found the wonderful site created by Katherine Stone – this was different to any other site I’d seen. For starters there was a photo of Katherine – she was real, her warm smile was so welcoming. It was regularly updated with relevant information and new posts all of which seemed to have points where I was nodding along… It gave me hope, particularly The 6 Stages.

I emailed Katherine to ask if she would take a photo of a UK survivor for the Warrior Moms Photo Album.

Her response was almost instant – “Are you kidding?! Of course I’ll take a photo from a UK survivor! We want to support women all over the world! I’ll be sure to add you. Thanks for reaching out to me!”

She thanked me for reaching out to her!

She thanked me…

I was so genuinely moved – I couldn’t believe it… We’ve kept in touch ever since.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my experience but I was/am so inspired by her that it helped me to realise that I had to do something. So I’m an advocate and often I ask for her guidance.

Some would say that empathy and compassion cost nothing, but they do and to give yourself to all mothers every time… and for 10 years – WOW!

I’m in awe of how she does it and she does it with such beauty, grace and strength.

I cannot wait to meet her one day x

I know I’m not the only one in the UK to benefit from Postpartum Progress – we love you Warrior Mum-In-Chief x

HOPE is our four letter word x

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