There’s a new train…

Well that’s Christmas, New Year and my 3 year old’s birthday celebrated. Even with a bout of tonsillitis it was wonderful.

I’ve learnt that if you surround yourself with family and friends there isn’t much that can knock you. Or even if there is, then someone will help you back up.

So in to 2014… Who knows what will happen over the next 12 months but if it’s anything like the last 12, I can only guess it will be filled with ups and downs.

I’m not a believer in resolutions – I think change happens all the time so trying to enforce it at the start of the year feels icky. Why wait 12 months to reflect…

Every day you get to start over. You can learn and do things differently. What an amazing opportunity!

So the journey continues, I’m going to keep on sharing and hopefully you’ll keep on reading… The new service at the train station this morning felt symbolic.

Love and light…


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