Magic Words

It appears I missed a week… I had something in draft but I read blogs whilst travelling and felt what I wanted to say got covered more eloquently by others and I’m totally ok with that.

One of the real positives from being ill (and there are many) is that I’m so much more open to change, in all it’s form. It is the only constant and embracing it is working for me.
I still struggle with it at times, don’t get me wrong but I’ve found a peace in myself that never existed before and it gives me so much hope for the future.

All the emotions I tried to suppress for so many years now just are… It’s ok for the “negative” ones to be there too… I have the power to interpret any situation in more than one way. I’m constantly learning and it’s fascinating. Taking time to listen and read is enriching. People are generally amazing and inspiring.

I believed in God for a large part of my early teens, I now don’t but I still have faith – we all do whether we realise it or not. We get up each morning and breath – I don’t know how that happens but it does… Wow!! What I believe in now is myself and others. I’m a humanist – I believe in people…

We’re currently teaching my son the importance of manners and what I’ve realised is that there is no such thing as magic words… Of course I’ve been guilty of saying it – it’s a phrase used so often. But having thought about it, I’m going to change and not use it. Pleases and thank yous are not magic – the use of them is to do with respect for others not magic…

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