What is it with all the labels? Mummy blogger or mummy that blogs….

I spent Saturday learning… as I spend most days really…

The Mumsnet BlogFest was just what I needed to give me the push to get writing. This will be a short post as I’m still digesting all I learnt on Saturday and since. It was difficult to make a choice about which sessions to attend because the programme was crammed with so many excellent options. I’m happy with what I picked but so wanted to do it all…

I spent the day listening and learning mostly, but had to speak up in the “Can you be a ‘mummy-blogger’, and still be a feminist?” session.

I’m unsure whether I’m a feminist (there, I said it…) – I had hoped the session might give me a better idea but instead what it reinforced was that sometimes being a woman sucks! I really don’t understand what happened but it wasn’t good. The “fight” between the panellists/audience made me so sad. Women need to be supported by other women and that is not what happened in the session. I’ve read some excellent posts since Saturday which have made me feel less alone – one of the many things I love about blogs!

People are free to label me as they wish….but I kinda wish they wouldn’t.

Am I someone’s Mummy? – Hell yes! I fought severe PND and dragged myself back to be just that but it isn’t all I am. One of the positives of my battle with PND is that I now understand myself – not fully obviously because we evolve every day and change is the only constant in life. I want to challenge stigma particularly around mental health. I want to give other people hope that no matter how dark life seems there is a way for it to be better.

I loved what Daisy Griffith’s said in her session “If you don’t know what you are trying to do, there’s no point in doing it” – I need to think about this before I write again.


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